In Chicago? Treat Yourself To Thai Food

Having a rough week? Tired of the time change messing up your schedule? Soothe yourself with a little Thai food! Come on in to Forever Thai and take your time pouring over our extensive menu, or order in for the evening if you prefer. Either way, we are sure you’ll be glad you decided to join us for dinner….

Check out our menu items on the left hand side here and see what sounds good. We’ve got enough for everybody!

Forever Thai…Delicious Choices

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Visiting Thailand

Thai FlagIf you have ever thought about visiting Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is a great place to start planning your trip. Here you can learn about different festivals and events and learn about the culture itself before you go.

There are some interesting articles on everything from golf to different day trips that you can take.

Even if you aren’t going to Thailand anytime soon, this site can be a really fun one to browse. You  can learn a lot about the Thai people and culture here.