Vegetarian Dishes


(Served with steamed rice) 

Bean Sprout & Tofu     $7.99

Stir fried bean sprout, tofu, and green onion.              

 Three Delight     $7.99

Stir fried mushroom, baby corn and peapod with mushroom sauce.                                                                                            

Tofu & Chinese Broccoli     $8.99

Stir fried tofu and Chinese Broccoli with mushroom sauce.

Mixed Vegetables     $7.99

Stir fried mixed vegetables with mushroom sauce.

Basil Egg Plant & Tofu     $8.99

Stir fried tofu, egg plant and basil leaves with mushroom sauce.

Tofu & Ginger     $8.99

Stir fried tofu, ginger, mixed vegetables and black bean sauce.